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Refresh your summer sports gear


Whether you’re spending summer at home or jet setting across the globe, it’s time to refresh your summer sports gear.

Here’s everything you’ll need to squeeze in your suitcase for an action-packed vaycay:


FreeKnit Tee

Stay cool: Any condition training tee and shorts – Start or end a long summer day with an energizing workout. The performance and lightweight materials of the Freeletics FreeKnit tee and Reflective Hexagon shorts will keep you cool as a cucumber during hot and sweaty workouts.

Be active in style: All white sleeveless and all black shorts – Days spent exploring or relaxing require comfort. A short and light tank-top or tee plus a loose pair of soft shorts make for a comfortable, yet stylish everyday combination.

Enjoy long evenings: Urban athlete hoody – Don’t miss a single sunset. Throw on your hoodie, get down to the beach, who knows…you could even squeeze in an extra workout.

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Workout Bra & Hybrid Motion Short

Defeat the Heat: FullFlex Workout Bra and Hybrid Motion Shorts – Because no girl wants to be a hot mess. Air circulation and moisture regulation materials keep you looking and feeling cool, even during the hottest summer days.

Celebrate the season: Your everyday t-shirt – During your city break, on the beach, or chilling at home – wherever the summer takes you, spend it in style. Everyone needs a chilled tee. And this is the one for you.

Make the most of your evenings: Your cozy second layer – All day out in your bikini or t-shirt but start to freeze in the evening hours? Keep your FreeTech zipper hoody in your backpack. Stay warm when the temperature drops, but the party keeps going.

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Your shield against the sun: Snapbacks to suit your style – Sun cream is a basic protection. But it won’t look half as cool as a snapback. Stay protected with both.

Train wherever your summer takes you: Gym bag and workout mat – Warm and sunny days call for a workout in the park, on the beach, at the lake. Pack your workout clothes, attach the workout mat to your gym bag and you’re ready to hit the road.

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Live your style. Perform your best. Make this summer one to remember.

Are you ready for summer? Already in your best shape? If not, we’re about to save you some regrets. Let’s not waste another minute. Here are a few useful tips and tricks to get you summer ready.