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Indoor vs. outdoor running: How to get off on the right foot

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Some swear by the comfort of their treadmill. Others, no matter the weather, no matter how busy the sidewalk is, refuse to run indoors. As a Free Athlete, it’s not just good for your mental strength, but it’s also character building to be able to train in all conditions. Indoors and out. No Excuses. To help you switch up your routine, here’s a few reasons you should try the opposite of your usual choice. And tricks to make the treadmill and outdoor running both more enjoyable.

Running indoors

The benefits

If you live in a city, training indoors isn’t such a bad idea. Pollution and city air can at times make your home or any indoor area a much better place to workout. Extreme conditions like rain, snow, wind and heat are most likely the reason many choose to train indoors. And at times, quite rightly so. If you think your health is at risk by exercising outside, then it’s best not to.

Not a fan of training inside? Here’s one way to make it a little more enjoyable

Sprints and interval training. Running on a treadmill sounds boring. And a lot of the time, it is. But there are ways to make it more interesting and enjoyable. Switching a long, slow run for shorter sprints adds some excitement to your training. Time passes quicker. You’ll work harder. And enjoy it much more. Never tried running intervals before? Not sure which distance to sprint, how long you should rest, and how many intervals to include? Download the Freeletics Running App and try our variety of running workouts. All with different intervals specially combined to improve your speed and running capabilities.

Our tip: Have a playlist prepared with a mixture of slow and fast tracks so you can match your pace to the beat.

Running outdoors

The benefits

Who wants to train outdoors when indoors is so much more convenient, comfortable and climate controlled? If you, like most other people, spend around 8 hours a day in the office, 5 days a week, then you’re missing out on all the benefits of being out in the fresh air.

An outdoor workout will leave you feeling more energetic, enthusiastic and alive. As well as this, it leads to more positive engagement. Making your workout much more likely to be a regular occurrence. And there are even more scientific benefits: training outside in the sun provides vitamin D, essential to strong bones and a healthy immune system. The air outside is cleaner. This will improve your breathing technique which then increases stamina, vital for completing a workout like Helios or Aphrodite.

How to make the most of the outdoors

Choose your location carefully. Don’t just choose the nearest park or track. Scenery makes a difference. The more you enjoy your surroundings, the more they will take your mind off how long you’ve been running for. Nature has been said to lower blood pressure and stress. Much better than staring at a wall or TV screen right? Did you also know that the surface on which you train can have a positive effect on your body? Training on all types of surfaces, for example, grass, tarmac, gravel and sand strengthens your body and helps prevent any future injury. Don’t be afraid to run or train offroad. It might be more strenuous, but it also utilizes more muscles.

Our tip: Try as many different training spots as possible to find out which one works for you. Just make sure that you are wearing the right footwear for the surface.

Next time you’re planning a run or workout, choose the opposite of what you usually would. It might take a little getting used to, but a true Free Athlete trains no matter what.

To switch up your training try the Freeletics Running Coach. Choose your goal and the Coach will design a running plan exactly for you with long distances and intervals, so you get faster, fitter and altogether better.

Any tips or tricks to make your run more enjoyable, indoors or outdoors? We want to hear them. Leave a comment below.