Get your Coach

How to set up your Freeletics Running Coach


You are ready to take the leap and start on a new journey towards your goals. The Freeletics Running Coach will guide you every step of the way, but first you must complete the Coach setup so it can give you a personal training plan best suited to your needs and fitness level. Here is a quick guide to setting up your Coach so you can get started.

Getting Started

The key to getting the most effective training plan from your Coach is honesty. So fill in all the questions accurately. Click on the hexagon in the Running App and then on “Coach.” You will see a button with “Set Up Coach Now” which will take you to the Coach setup. When asked for your details, give your current height and weight. Try to be as accurate as possible. The same goes for entering your fitness level. There is no competition here, so if you are not fit at all – or very fit – choose the fitness level that suits you best. Slide your finger along the scale to see different examples until you find the one that applies to you. Be honest! Aiming too high or too low will mean you won’t get the best suited training plan.

You will then be asked for your running experience – this means how much you are used to running or how much you have run in the past. This is important for the Coach to know what your body is used to and will play a big part in selecting your training units for the first few weeks. If your answer is less than your real experience, you may find the first couple of weeks too easy, and if you answer with more than you really run, you may not be able to cope with the intensity the Coach gives you. So honesty is key here.

Your Goal

The Coach offers four options for your goal with Freeletics Running: lose weight, improve endurance, increase speed and improve general fitness. What’s the difference? If you choose “lose weight”, the main focus of your training plan will be burning calories, and lots of them. The workouts are designed to burn energy effectively as well as melt fat reserves. If you choose this option, you will see the pounds dropping off in no time. You will have to put in the effort, but there will be some easy runs and rest weeks built into your training plan.

Increasing your endurance will focus on distance rather than speed. This option will still include intensive workouts, but the main focus will be building up a good level of endurance so you can run further. The pace will be slower than if you choose to increase your speed, but the distances will be longer. Choosing “increase speed” means that your Coach will usually give you more short, fast workouts. This also means higher intensity, but there will be more rest weeks for your body to recuperate while not neglecting basic endurance.

“Increase general fitness” means that your Coach will focus on a balanced combination of endurance and speed. You will begin by building up your endurance level with higher volumes and then move towards faster, shorter units. There will be enough rest weeks for your body to regenerate and get used to the increased intensity.

Choosing your Coach Subscription

This is the last step before you can start your journey. After choosing your goal, you will be asked to choose the Running Coach subscription period that best suits you. If you have questions on payment methods, more information can be found in the Freeletics Help Center. Once you have completed this step, you are ready to get out there and begin your first run. Try to follow your Coach’s instructions and complete the weeks’ trainings within the given time. This is the best way to see fast, long-lasting results and reach your full potential.