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How to get started with Freeletics Gym

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You’ve watched the videos, downloaded the app and discovered the principles behind the training system. You’re pumped and ready to go…but still have a few unanswered questions when it comes to training with app. In this article we aim to answer the most commonly asked questions, so you are prepared and well informed to start training right away.

How do I find the right weight for me?

Your Freeletics Gym Coach suggests a weight for you to use based on your athlete assessment. The weight suggested is in response to your level of gym experience, endurance and strength.

However, this weight may not be the perfect match at first. If you feel the weight is not right for you, you should actively try different weights after each set. As a rule of thumb, the right weight is when you are just able to finish all reps in a row with proper form and without the help of others. Weight should be increased if it feels too light and decreased it if you are unable to finish all reps with the proper execution. Please ensure you inform the Coach of your individual weight adaptations so that he can factor it into your next workout. Your training weights will be adjusted according to your feedback and performance in order to maximize your training results.

What equipment do I need?

For most workouts you will need one barbell, with extra weights or a rowing machine. Strength Couplets, however, are ideally performed with two separate barbells. Since it will be difficult to block two barbells in a crowded gym, you can of course also do them with only one. You can find more detailed information on the different training methods and requirements within the app. Simply tap the “info button” at the top right hand side within each workout category. Learn more about the Training Principles of Freeletics Gym here.

How do I use the equipment and how does the rowing machine work?

Especially if you have never trained in a gym before, getting to know the machines, weights and barbells can be daunting. Basically, there are three ways to get the information.

  1. you ask the service employees
  2. you ask fellow Free Athletes
  3. you read this article for guidance through gym equipment

How can I find out the proper movements?

Freeletics Gym is based on barbell movements. There is one fundamental rule to training with free weights: Good technique always comes first. It is always more important than how heavy and how fast you can lift. You will not only find an explanatory video for each exercise within the workouts themselves, but you can also find step-by-step instructions for every movement within the “Learn the Movements” section. Consult these whenever you are uncertain how to do a movement correctly and never stop improving your form.