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Freeletics Running Training Journeys


Freeletics’ Running Training Journeys aren’t about tracking. They aren’t about big numbers and small results. They’re about running towards your goals and leaving training plateaus in the dust.

With our powerful AI technology, we’ve developed four running programs tailored specifically towards you and your goals; no more aimless running, no more pointless tracking. This is running training like nothing else.

In short

The first Running Training Journeys in the Freeletics app are here. First came Hybrid Running. Now, Run & Burn, Run Further and Run Faster have arrived, designed to get you on track to lose weight, increase endurance or increase speed through a combination of interval, sprint and endurance runs.

The Journeys

Run & Burn

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Running is great for weight loss, but only when it’s done right. Endless running without a plan or program might yield a few results, but the only way to truly reach your weight loss goals is to follow a plan tailored to you. Which is where Run & Burn comes in.

Featuring a combination of endurance and interval runs of all distances and speeds, including the classic Freeletics Running Gods, Run & Burn puts the fun back into running. With Warmups and Cooldowns specifically designed for the workouts to follow, all you need for this Journey are your sneakers and your phone. Burning fat and shedding the pounds never looked so simple.

Run Further

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Let’s set the record straight: improving endurance takes more than just running for hours on end. This might get you halfway there, but to really go the extra mile, you need to add some spice to the mix.

With a combination of long runs, Intervals and Running Gods, Run Further will get you running not just for longer, but also more effectively. Over 12 weeks, you’ll develop the stamina, muscular endurance and mental resilience needed to run faster and for longer.

And this isn’t Freeletics like you know it. Your Warmups and Cooldowns will all be standing and mat-free, so you don’t need to waste a second moving from indoors to outdoors.

Run Faster

EN FL NL TJ-graphic-cards RunFaster 1

Speed isn’t solely dependent on genetics; it can and should be trained. But getting faster isn’t easy. You need the right training plan for you to really get your cadence up; just sprinting isn’t enough. Which is why we created Run Faster so you can do exactly that: run faster.

This Training Journey is designed to get you running faster over short distances. With specially developed Warmups, Cooldowns, Intervals and Running Gods, you’ll never have to take your foot off the gas.

Let’s recap:

Running aimlessly is old news. If you really want to get results from your running, you need to run smarter. You need a plan tailored to you and what you want to achieve. You need a program that knows you and knows what buttons to push to get you above and beyond what you ever thought you could achieve. Try one of our four Running Training Journeys today and see the difference they can make to you and your running training. Sign up today and you'll also get a free ebook with the comprehensive Freeletics guide to all things running.