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Effective training to gain muscle

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Is muscle growth and strength the primary goal of your training? With 3 different training systems you’ll never get bored of working on it. Focus on your favorite Coach and occasionally add workouts from supplementing Coaches to improve your strength fast, effectively and safely. Read more and find out which training system is best for optimal muscle gain and growth, based on your fitness level.

Goal: Gain muscle and get stronger

Current fitness level: Unfit

Recommended Coach: Freeletics Bodyweight

Complement your training with: Freeletics Gym

You might be wondering why we’ve chosen Bodyweight and not Gym as a recommended focus training. Isn’t training with weights the best way to build muscle? If you’re a beginner, bodyweight training is a lot less risky than gym workouts. It gives you the perfect starting platform where you can build on your strength before you take it to the next level. And take it from us, you will still gain a considerable amount of muscle training with Freeletics Bodyweight alone.

You can further gain muscle strength and size by choosing “strength” as your training focus within the Bodyweight app. Pullups, pushups, muscleups and other strength-focused exercises will be incorporated into your training. If you want to add some variety, you can try one or two Freeletics Gym sessions per week. We have no doubt you’ll be your strongest version in no time.

Goal: Gain muscle and get stronger

Current fitness level: Fit

Recommended Coach: Freeletics Gym

Complement your training with: Freeletics Bodyweight

If you’re an experienced athlete or have just trained regularly for the past year and know your way around a gym, then Freeletics Gym should be your focus training program. Experienced athletes can utilize the full power of the training systems in Gym and get a much better overall effect from it. Spice up your gym sessions if you want to with Freeletics Bodyweight. Even though you won’t get much muscle strength out of bodyweight training compared to strength training in the gym. This doesn’t mean you should neglect bodyweight workouts altogether. If you are looking for more variety, we recommend you dedicate a couple of training sessions a week to the Greek Gods. It’s still an extremely effective way to lose fat and keep your general fitness and energy levels up.

If it’s weight loss you’re looking to achieve, we can guide you in the right direction for that too. Find out in our other training articles. You can also discover more information on each of the Freeletics training methods and get some tips for beginners.

Now all that’s left to do is get your All Access Training Coaches and get to work becoming your strongest version. #NoExcuses.