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Don’t Just Run


Running. The most natural way to move your body. Liberating, inexpensive and as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. We can all do it. We are designed to do it. But just running doesn’t help us achieve our goals. You might think you’re making progress, dripping with sweat as you step back inside and unlace your shoes. But chances are, you’re not.

Why? Running the same route, the same way, at the same pace week in, week out won’t do much for your progress. Sure, you won’t get less fit, but you certainly won’t get fitter, get faster or lose weight. You might stumble up hills, but you won’t conquer mountains.

If you really want to achieve something and reach beyond the ordinary, you need more. Speed? It won’t come with just running how you always have. Fitness? It feeds on variety, structure and objectives. Weight loss? You need a plan that knows you and your body like nothing else.

With the new Freeletics Running Training Journeys, you don’t just run. You run to train, you run for a purpose, to actively drive towards your goals and then leave them in the dust as you shoot for new heights.

And you train to run. You add spice to your training, complementing your running with something extra so you can run further, train harder and burn more. This is running, but not as you know it.

It’s time to break the status quo, forget meaningless tracking and demand something more from running. Want to really hit your goals? Run the Freeletics way.

It doesn’t matter if you run to train or train to run. But whatever you do, don’t just run.