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Combining gym, running and bodyweight: What you need to know


Even for an experienced athlete, knowing how to combine different training methods isn’t straightforward. Since our 3 training systems – running, bodyweight & gym – have various outcomes and effects on the body, it’s important your methods compliment  one another to give you the best possible outcome. The best way is to base your training on your goal and fitness level. All sound a bit confusing? Don’t worry. We’ll guide you in the right direction.

First things first: Is it a good idea to combine Gym, Bodyweight and Running?

It sure is. The different training systems complement each other well and variety is key to keeping up your routine. But before you go all out, here’s a few things you should consider:

How should I split my time between Coaches?

The best way is to choose one method as your focus training and add workouts from the other training systems on the side as you wish. For example: if you choose to train 6 times per week and are using all 3 Coaches, dedicate 3 days to your main Coach, 2 days to another training method and 1 to the third training method. If it’s just 2 Coaches you are using, it’s a good idea to train 4 times with your main Coach and spend the remaining 2 on your complementing training method.

Should I train more often if I’m using more than 1 Coach?

Not necessarily. Your body still needs to rest and recover. So we strongly advise that you don’t train more than 6 days a week. From our experience, it’s a good idea to have at least 2 days of rest after you perform your non-coached session.

Does it matter in which order I use my Coaches?

Actually yes. But this is very much down to the way your body feels. Don’t train muscles that are already sore from the previous training, with heavy or explosive exercises. What do we mean by this? Imagine you’re using the Gym Coach and have decided to combine it with running. Your last workout included back squats and deadlifts with a new heavyweight PB. Your legs have worked hard. They’ve done you proud. Reward them with either a nice slow-paced run or upper body focused Bodyweight session. Sprinting, squats or pistols will just add to the pain, meaning your muscles take longer to recover and your performance will suffer.

Here’s a rough overview of the best combination for your goal:

Lose weightBodyweight & Running
Gain muscleBodyweight & Gym
Improve general fitnessBodyweight & Running & Gym

Time for a more in depth understanding of the right training for you and why. Select your goal below and read more on combining your Coaches.

If you’re new to all this it can seem daunting. Don’t let this put you off. Everyone starts somewhere and learning is all part of the experience. Take a look at our beginner’s guide to Freeletics Gym, Bodyweight and Running, to get you over the first hurdle and deep into the Freeletics lifestyle.