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Always progressing: New features for Freeletics Running


We tell you not to settle. To always be better than you were yesterday. But we also live by this mantra ourselves and are continuously working to make the Freeletics experience better for everyone. That goes for Freeletics Running too. Since its launch in January, lots has changed. You had feedback and we listened. These last few months we have been working constantly to bring updates and new features to the Freeletics Running app and to give you the best possible training experience with it. But this is by no means the end. We won’t stop developing ourselves, just like you won’t. So let’s grow together. Here is an overview of what has changed and which new features you can find in the Running app.

More Freedom

One of the biggest updates brought you the ability to manually log runs and workouts. A dead battery, a change of plan or having to run on the treadmill no longer pose a problem for your run. Even Coach runs can be manually logged directly in the app. For accuracy and to better judge your progress over time, note and enter your time for every interval. Simply click on the workout or distance you wish to log, then click on the “+” symbol in the top right corner and you’re good to go.

_Manual Log

Run Offline

Apart from this, it is now possible to** train and save offline**. Simply start your training as usual and if you are offline, the app will store your run locally until you are connected to the internet again. Be aware that locally saved runs won’t show up in your personal feed until you are online again. So don’t panic if you can’t see them yet.

Good Vibrations

The Running app now also offers** vibration notifications** on top of its motivating audio announcements. The vibration feature can be switched on or off after selecting the run. If you set your phone to allow vibrations, it will vibrate at various points in your training: every time you complete a quarter of an interval (¼, ½, ¾ point) , when you finish an interval, when you have 10 seconds left to recover and when the next countdown starts. The notifications also work for distances. No more distractions looking at your phone – just motivation for your final stretch.


Smart Training

With the new optional auto-pause feature, your training will be automatically paused when you stop running. So if, for example, you are in the middle of a workout or a distance run and you have to stop unexpectedly at a traffic light, the app will automatically pause your time and re-start when you start running again – no need to get your phone out. The feature can be switched on after you select your run. It is automatically switched off because if you choose to use it, you will not get a star for your training, as the time with auto-pause is not comparable to others.


No More Annoying Accidents

Some people accidentally press buttons while running. It’s easy to do. Now it’s possible to lock your phone’s screen while still being able to see your map and progress with the screen lock function. Simply start your run and then press the lock symbol in the top right corner to lock the screen. This way, you cannot press anything and accidentally end your run if you train with your phone in your hand. Just slide back to the right to unlock the screen again.


Completely tailored to you

Now you can also change the number of Coach training days per week to better fit your schedule. When you finish a Coach week, you can select the amount of days you want to train in the next week. Remember not to choose too many days if you are not used to training or if your are doing other types of training at the same time. Also, you can now change your Coach focus under “settings”. Simply select your new goal and the Coach will use this focus from the start of the next Coach week. While you are in “settings”, you can also change your profile picture and personal information.

_Training Days


For everyone

Free users also benefit from most of these features, and we have now also introduced the warmup run for non-Coach users before workouts. This countdown for your easy warmup run will help prevent injuries and muscle strains common to interval training with cold muscles. If you are already warm, you can easily skip the warmup and go straight to training. Also, the app now offers imperial measurement units, so that Athletes worldwide can pick the unit that best suits them (miles or kilometres). This can be changed under “personal information” in “settings.” Android users will also notice GPS improvements to further improve training experience.


Freeletics Running was created to deliver you the most effective and motivational running training out there. Every single feature and update is designed to improve the training experience of every Athlete. There is much more to come, so stay tuned and keep running. Quitting is not an option. Not for you. Not for us.