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5 reasons to make Freeletics training a long term commitment. Not just a quick fix.


By becoming a Free Athlete you are making the decision to become the most athletic, healthy, motivated version of yourself that you can be. Others prefer to take the easy way out but they will never achieve their goals this way. Instead, you are making the decision to strive for greatness and you will achieve it.

A time-limited training program allows you to achieve impressive results in a short period of time. But think of how far you have come since you started. Do you feel stronger? Do you feel more powerful? More self-confident? Doesn’t it feel great? You don’t want to lose that feeling. Once you are there you don’t want to go back. You don’t want to be average. You are here to be an Athlete. You know that your athletic journey is a thousand miles long and a program is just the first step. Don’t give up now, there is much more that you can achieve. The feeling that you have gained from endless hours of training should stay so keep doing what you do. Dedication and hard work. Others may give up. Fall at the first hurdle. But not you. Being a Free Athlete means nothing can stop you. So stay dedicated. It’s not going to happen overnight.

These are the 5 reasons why you should make your Freeletics Training a long-term commitment. Not just a quick fix.

It’s not just about physical changes

Do not stop at the first sign of a physical change. Freeletics is not just about a quick transformation. Freeletics is a lifestyle. Helping you to improve yourself in every possible way. Long-term exercise helps you to understand what your body needs. It’s movement, nutrition, regeneration and what is best for you.

Don’t let your progress go to waste

Some people fall back into their old habits and lifestyles after a first fitness boost. You are not one of these people. Think about how much you have changed. Think of the hard work and dedication that has gone into achieving this feeling. Don’t let everything you have worked for go to waste. Long-term training helps you to achieve a basic fitness level which isn’t easily destroyed. You will be less likely to fall back into old habits. You have come too far to throw it all away. Keep pushing yourself to your limit.

You have so much more potential to unleash

There is no reason to stop when there is so much more that you can achieve. In order to unleash your true potential you have to keep going. The Freeletics 15 weeks is just a milestone. A point in your athletic journey that shows you that you are strong enough to do anything. Do you feel the feeling of accomplishment? This is only a fraction of the feeling you can reach. Think of what you have achieved in your 15 weeks. Imagine what you can do in 15 more. What you can achieve is limitless.

You will become healthier and happier

Long-term exercise leads to better fitness levels, increased metabolic activity, better circulation, strengthening of your heart, lungs, muscles, joints and immune system. Exercising over a long period will do amazing things for your mental and physical health in the long run. It prevents depression, diabetes, cancer, obesity and makes you a more positive and mentally stronger person. There is a reason why sport and fitness is prescribed by doctors.

Your Coach and the Community will be with you every step of the way

There will be times when you find it tough. But nothing great ever came from someone who didn’t work their ass off to get it. So remember, you are not alone. Your Coach and the Community are your long-term companions. Your coach will always challenge you. And the community will always be there to celebrate with you, every time you beat your Personal Best or master a new skill. They are there to push you to continue when you feel like giving up. Through every challenge, every fall, every success. Every step of the way on your journey.

So don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits. Don’t just look for a quick fix. Make a permanent change. Make a choice. There are no shortcuts to achieving your goals. You have had a taste of success. Of power. Of fulfillment. Make this feeling last. Get the Coach now and make the first step into a whole new lifestyle today.

We want to hear your long-term goals. How long are you prepared to work to achieve them?