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4 simple hacks to train your willpower and self-control

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Do you find it hard to stick to your commitments? You struggle to choose the right way and resist temptation when it’s right in front of you? Well lucky for you, your self-control can be improved.

What is willpower?

Willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals. The ability to determine your actions. Every time you make a decision, whether it’s if you decide to take a day off from training, what you have for dinner or when you go to bed, you are exercising your willpower. Think of it as a muscle. One that if it’s overworked can get exhausted and stop functioning. Or like energy, it’s a limited reserve and can fall low. But it can also be strengthened or topped up. Here are 4 simple ways to train your willpower and self-control.

Work on one goal at a time

Work on achieving one goal at a time. Start with a small one and keep raising the bar. You will get stronger and your willpower too. For example, a pullup, a pushup, a burpee. Practice. Work your ass off everyday to get it right. Achieve a star performance. And then move on to the next goal. A harder one to strengthen your willpower even more.

Develop small good habits

Start with small habits. Ones that are easy to stick to. These habits strengthen your willpower more than you know. If you learn the self-discipline and self-control to do it every single day, this will spread into other more important areas of your life. These can be anything from making your bed in the morning to taking the stairs instead of the elevator. They are minor habits that make huge changes.

Reward yourself

Turn your exercise into a game. Find a reward that really motivates you. One that will make you fight through the struggle. Just because you know it’s waiting for you at the finish line. Your favourite food. Leaving work early once a week. Having a lie in at the weekend. Anything that when you think about it, makes giving up not stand a chance.

Feed your brain

It’s human nature that when you’re hungry, you make irrational decisions. Give into cravings. So the way to stay on track is to feed your brain as well as your body. Keep it feeling fuller and focused on long-term goals rather than just a few minutes of pleasure. Provide your brain with the food it wants high in protein and fiber to stop cravings. For example avocado, broccoli, lentils and fish.

4 simple hacks to train your willpower and self-control. Try them out. Which ones worked for you? Join the discussion. Leave a comment below.