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4 reasons girls should have biceps

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Whoever said women shouldn’t have strong biceps, is wrong. It’s a common misconception that training your upper body is all about biceps curls, gains and how much you can bench-press. We want to tell you, it goes way beyond that. Especially for women, good muscle foundation has so many benefits. So next time the guys ask why you’ve joined them in the gym on arm day, hit them with these 4 reasons:

To improve in other sports

Many believe women should stick to sports such as yoga, gymnastics, ice skating, etc. But most don’t know that having strength in your arms is extremely beneficial when it comes to improving your execution of most exercises in all the above sports. Take for example arm balances in yoga: the more strength you have in your biceps, the more likely you are to finally get the hang of it. And that’s not all: strong arms support the core during sports like running, hiking and volleyball, as they relieve the load on the legs, especially when they are tired.

To protect against injury

Good arm muscles (including good bone density) will protect you from fractures and injuries, should you have a fall or accident.

To help with your hobbies

Wondering when you will need strong biceps in your daily life? One word: shopping. Ok ok, it might sound like a stereotype, but the majority of women love shopping. It’s a known fact. And just imagine all the bags you can carry without getting tired. Worth it, wouldn’t you say?

They look great

Don’t be afraid of what you think others find attractive. Having a strong and defined set of biceps looks good. And since women tend to have a lower proportion of their lean tissue distributed in the upper body, you shouldn’t worry about developing upper arms like a bodybuilder.


Tank tops, swim wear and shoulderless dresses: summer is coming. Get your biceps ready.

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