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3 Secrets to Success - in and out of the gym

3 Secrets to Success - in and out of the gym copy

We all know that we need to eat healthy and exercise regularly in order to maintain our health…but just simply knowing that fact doesn’t always give us the boost that we need to make our way into the gym or onto the playing field.

So how can we stay focused on our goals in the midst of a busy schedule? Here are some of the top ways we can prioritize our health and wellness and set ourselves on the path to becoming the greatest versions of ourselves.

Set a Reminder Whether it’s a sticky note on your desk, a reminder that goes off on your phone, or a daily alarm, do whatever you need to do to set yourself a reminder to go workout. If it helps, you can even write down a goal or two on the sticky note as well, that way you’ll remember the reason you’re exercising.

Set Realistic Goals If you know you hate to swim, don’t set a goal for yourself to get in a few laps at the pool every day. Set goals that are realistic to you and what you want to achieve. Do you want to lose 30 pounds? Awesome! But, don’t think that those 30 pounds will fall off in the next week or two – rather, plan for 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss a week, that way you will maintain that weight loss and do it in a healthy, achievable manner.

Think About Barriers Life is constantly changing and throwing new obstacles in our way, so how can we organize our schedules around those obstacles to keep us on the right path? Say you’ve got your small children with you, and you want to go out on your run…get a stroller that you can push, so they can come along with you! Not keen on running outside? Check out some online workouts! Get yourself a mat and some dumbbells, and you can modify your workout to do it in the comfort of your own home.

So, how do these exercise goals help us do better on both the literal training ground and the training ground of life? Regular training can not only help us improve mentally, but physically as well. One of the key parts of being a pro, both in the gym and in everyday life, is setting goals. From the people that coach us in little league to the personal trainer you have at the gym, setting goals and promoting dedication and perseverance to oneself is huge in building long term goals, as well as learning to stick with them and see them through.

Our bodies are also put under a certain amount of stress when we exercise – this in turn leads to being able to process natural life stressors (stress at work, having to run for a bus, etc.) into activities that aren’t as taxing as they would be for someone who doesn’t exercise.