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3 Movements to Keep Your Hips Flexible

3 Movements to Keep Your Hips Flexible copy

Do you find yourself suffering from tight hips or pain in your glutes after a long day of sitting at your desk or as a result of a long car journey?

Without sufficient mobilization and movement, hips can become extremely tight and sore, with can also result in chronic pain in later life. Here, we break down three movements you can do to keep some hip flexibility in your routine!

Dynamic Walking Hip Opener

This move is done standing, and can be done easily if you’ve got a little bit of space around you. While you’re walking (or standing in place), lift one leg up in front of you, then move up and around your hip joint (so your kneecap will be pointing straight ahead, and then to the right or left direction at the end of the movement). Switch back and forth between legs, making sure that your upper body stays facing forward – no rotating of your shoulders! Engage your core, and remember to do them in the reverse direction too.

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

For this stretch, you’ll need to come down on your knees. Starting in a half-kneel position, engage your core and keep your hips neutral. From here, slowly let yourself sink deeper into the movement by coming forward, noticing the stretch in the hip flexor of the leg that is behind you. Be aware that you don’t want your knee to go too far over your toes! This move can also be done from a standing position, if you are unable to kneel.

Cross-Legged Forward Fold

From a cross-legged seated position, slowly lower your torso forward over your legs. If you can stretch out your arms in front of you on the floor, even better! If not, that’s okay; we want to maintain a pain free range of motion. After holding for 5-8 breaths here, switch which leg is on top and do the stretch again. You should feel this in your glutes, and possibly even your lower back.

In order to help decrease the risk of injuries, improve your range of motion, and maintain good flexibility, doing hip mobility training on a regular basis is key! If you need more help, you can always visit the Freeletics Blog and discover more ways to add flexibility to your training regime. Just remember, you might feel slightly less stiff after a random stretch or two, but prioritizing your mobility every day will help make some vast improvements in your hip mobility, for a lifetime!