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10 motivation tips to get you running

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Life would be so much easier if we were always motivated to do the things that will change our lives for the better. The only problem is that usually, the better the change, the more effort required to actually see it through. The same goes for Freeletics Running. It’s much harder than settling and doing nothing, but the rewards are so, so much bigger. However, once you start, it can be hard to keep your motivation up after the determined mood has left you. So we have collected the most helpful motivation tips from the community and the Freeletics team to help you stay on track, even when it gets tough.

Write Your Goals Down

It doesn’t matter whether they’re big or small. Whether it’s a goal time, distance or weight. Have a think about what you want to achieve. Then write your goals down. Keep them somewhere where you can look at them and reflect on your progress. It always helps to aim high and be specific. Even if you don’t reach them right away, you will still be well on the right track.

Schedule your training & set motivational alarms

When you plan your upcoming week, remember to plan your training too. If you have trouble committing to your schedule, make your trainings meetings with yourself in your calendar, or make plans to train with friends. This way, you are less likely to forget you wanted to train or flake out at the last minute. When it comes to setting early morning alarms or reminders on your phone, try adding motivational messages to encourage your future self to get up and running.

Go for a walk

If you really don’t want to go for a run, make a deal with yourself. Put on your running clothes and just go for a 15-minute walk. Once you are outside, chances are you’ll end up running anyway. Then you can be pleased with yourself for doing more than you were planning to.

Get into your running gear

Putting on your workout clothes will give you another kick to get out there. If you want to go running in the morning, lay out your clothes next to the bed and put your running shoes in front of your bedroom door. This way, they will be one of the first things you see when you get up. Thus, the chances of you putting them on and going out are much higher. In the evenings, change into your running clothes as soon as you get home. And if you want to go running at lunch, keep some in a drawer at work, school, etc.

Put together an awesome playlist

If you put a list of your favourite songs together, you will look forward to running to it. You can start with a short one for workouts, then build it up over time. Don’t let it get boring. It should be your motivation to get outside and listen to some awesome tunes.

Less is more

If you always run long distances until you’re totally exhausted, you begin to associate running with that horrible feeling afterwards. And this will kill your running vibe the next time you think about running. Instead, try short, fast runs. The Freeletics Running workouts are perfect for this – you run for a shorter amount of time but burn as many, or often more, calories than during long distance runs. Seeing your progress over time with new PBs for each workout will also motivate you to give it your all every time.

Reward yourself

It’s easier to get motivated if you’re working for a reward. And that’s exactly what you are doing when you train, but sometimes a more immediate reward makes it easier. So try treating yourself – for example if you did all your runs for the week. But don’t reward yourself with a “cheat meal” or unhealthy foods. You should avoid seeing these as a reward for every training. Instead, try treating yourself with a home spa-day, a film you’ve been wanting to see, a healthy sweet treat or putting a certain amount of money into a jar after every run, then buying yourself something nice after a month of running.

Remember where you started

Document your starting point. As soon as you decide to make a change, write down why. Make a note of what you’re not happy with. What you want to change. Your weight, your measurements. Keep some photos of yourself at the point where you realized this wasn’t who you want to be anymore. And every time you think your training is becoming too hard, or you ask yourself why you’re putting so much effort into it, look at what you wrote down. Still think going back is an option? No. Do yourself the justice of keeping your promise to yourself. The promise of a better life. And while you are on your journey, don’t forget to take a minute to look back on what you’ve achieved. This should be more than enough motivation to keep going.

Keep your runs enjoyable

Don’t let your runs get boring. As soon as you start seeing your training as a chore instead of a fun opportunity, you’re more likely to quit. Try some of our tips for making your running more enjoyable – they will keep your training fresh and your mind motivated.

Come to a compromise with yourself

If you think you really don’t feel like running, make a compromise with yourself. Agree that you will just go out for ten minutes. Just an easy run around a few blocks, then you will come back if it’s as horrible as you think it will be. In most cases, you’ll go much further once you’re out there. And if you really do hate it, you can go back home after 10 minutes and try another day. Either way, it will be better than doing nothing.

Don’t let your mood be an obstacle along your journey towards success. This is what makes Athletes stand out from the crowd. They train, no matter what their mood. They motivate themselves when it gets tough, because they know that quitting is never worth it. So try these tips to boost your motivation when you don’t feel like running. You’ve come too far to let all your work and good intentions go to waste.